Family Portraits: A New Home

A Family Session | Raleigh, North Carolina

While I miss these friends every week, since we used to get together weekly for small group Bible study, I am so thankful that they moved to the same city that my sister moved to because that means I get to visit them when I'm down to see my family. This home is beautiful and warm inside and out and the Albrights are so happy to bless others like myself with their hospitality. We've had the pleasure of staying with them a few times now and it's such a joy to see them enjoying their new home and their thankfulness for what God has given them in a new home within which to raise their family and create beautiful memories. I loved getting to capture a few moments of them in their new surroundings, especially enjoying that beautiful front porch!

I can't wait for our next chance to visit friends!

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  1. Molly, Addie told me about your e-mail and photo's. They are really beautiful and so wonderful of the three of you. I could imagine reaching out my arms and having John John run into them, squeezing him with laughter from both of us and enjoying every minute of his dancing phase. It is such a glorious time for all of you. e is just precious, precious, precious, as always. Thanks so much for sharing them with me and Dado. Dado told me how adorable John John was dancing and he is so right about that!
    Much love to all three of you. Muh love always, Mamo and Dado!