Maternity: Anna and Chris

My sister and I are 7 years apart in age, so who would have thought we'd have the sweet opportunity to experience pregnancy together.  It will be wonderful to see the cousins grow up together so close in age. 

I was thankful that I was able to capture my sister's pregnancy glow with her loving husband Chris while I was in Virginia at Graves Mountain Lodge for our annual cabin weekend. The timing was perfect for her maternity pictures and the clouds parted just long enough to reveal a beautiful afternoon in the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

I cannot wait to meet my niece and walk through the roller coaster ride that is parenthood with my sister and Chris! 
 Best wishes and prayers for a wonderful labor and delivery! 

Senior Portraits: Ali and Taylor

It is amazing that these girls were flower girls in my own wedding just nine years ago and here they are headed into their senior years. Wow how time flies! 
As cute as they were then, they have only become that much more beautiful as they've blossomed into young women.

Here are their senior portraits. 
It was too much fun capturing them both individually and together as sisters!