Baby Adrienne

I recently took a trip out to Tennessee to meet one of my best friend's lil girl, Adrienne.
While visiting I snuck in a few shots of the little darling and her mom, Shelby, happens to LOVE sepia toned sepia previews were what was meant to be.

And one in color for show off that adorable tutu!


  1. I cant get over how IN LOVE with these pictures I am!! For Baby Numero Dos, we may have to get you out here for newborn pics since we didnt have much luck with them! Ha! ;)

    Love you tons!!!!! Thanks so much for taking these! xoxo

  2. Oh got her! Everytime I see pics of her I always say that none of them look the same...and one of them look like my baby G-girl! You did it...and at this moment in time, it has brought me to my knees....praying for you and that you will need knee pads of your own! Love you!

  3. Gorgeous, per usual. Especially since the subject matter is so cute! <3