Baby Evelyn: 6 months

Just a preview from Evelyn's 6 month photo op

Aren't they the cutest family!

Sweetheart: Anna and Chris

Anna and Chris are such a cute couple.
Well, I may be a little partial since Anna is my sister.
They asked me to take some sweetheart photos when they were home on break, so they could give some to parents and send a photo out to grandparents.
I was happy to do it!

Aren't sweetheart photos a sweet idea anyway?!?
You don't need an engagement, anniversary or holiday to capture a moment in time with your loved ones. Enjoy!

Senior Portraits: Emily (casual)

I was able to capture some very unique senior portraits of Emily at the Rosewell Ruins over the holiday break. She's such a beauty! I hope you enjoy.

We also took photos in ballet costumes...check out that post if you've enjoyed this one!
We had great fun on our photo adventure.

Senior Portraits: Emily (ballet)

Emily is a ballerina, so part of her senior portrait session involved ballet and beautiful dance costumes in some amazing places.

Emily is a beautiful ballerina and it was fun capturing her poise and grace.